Is your home decor toxic?

Is your home decor toxic? | Laser Life Outdoors

Wood is one of nature's most beautiful products but caution should be used when using PLYWOOD for decorative purposes such as wooden monograms, names, wall hangings, etc.  

Many people do not know that normal plywood as well as other compressed wood products contains many toxins. 

Plywood is engineered in factories.   It is made up of very thin sheets of wood (called veneer) These thin veneer sheets are then adhered together with a strong adhesive glue.  

Because of the way the wood is joined together with the adhesive, the final product is much stronger than particle board, chipboard, MDF, etc.  

The wood itself is harmless but the adhesives used to join the layers together in most plywood is extremely toxic because they contain substances such as formaldehyde, polyvinyl acetate, and phenol glues and put off gases forever.  

Most wood products, including most plywood and all MDF and other compressed wood products you find in craft stores are made from compressed wood overseas and does contain many toxins.

Formaldehyde is one of the main culprits.  Formaldehyde is present in many household products, including wood, household cleaners, stains, paints, etc.  Based on a study by the EPA, formaldehyde can cause adverse health effects, including eye, nose, and throat irritation, as well as respiratory symptoms and cancer.  The full study can be found here.

In addition, a study by NCBI, states that formaldehyde is absorbed into our bodies through our airways and skin relatively quickly.  The same report states that the International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified formaldehyde as carcinogenic to humans due to home exposures.  If you'd like to read that full report, please click here.

At Laser Life Outdoors, we use solid hardwood harvested in the USA whenever possible.  When we do use plywood, we use ONLY PureBond plywood that contains NO toxins by virtue of the fact that a soy based adhesive is used to join the layers of wood.  

PureBond Plywood is:

1.  Manufactured in North America.

2.  Formaldehyde Free

3.  Environmentally Friendly 

4.  Soy Based

It costs a little more but we think you're worth it!