Made in USA and Environmentally Friendly

Made in USA and Environmentally Friendly | Laser Life Outdoors

In this world of chaos, it can seem as though there is little anyone can do to effect change.  We have decided to #focusonthepositive and do what we can to make a difference in the world we leave for our children and to support Made in USA small businesses.

Our initiatives include:

1.  Reusing boxes from our vendors for shipping.

2.  Reusing bubble wrap and/or using only eco-friendly bubble wrap (when needed - we try not to use it at all but fragile items do need to be protected.

3.  All of our frames are made from reclaimed barn wood and 100% Made in the USA..

4.  Photos are printed on either wood or a special board that is 100% paper based, 100% recyclable and Made in the USA. 

5.  We only use all natural oils on our cutting boards.  No mineral oil is ever used because it is a petroleum based product.  Our cutting boards are also manufactured in the USA.

6.  We absolutely NEVER use vinyl on ANYTHING!  

7.  When we use plywood, we only use PureBond plywood which has a soy based adhesive and contains no formaldehyde. 

8.  Only 100% cotton is used in any of our fabric products (towels, shirts, canvas, etc).  Nothing we use contains polyester (another petroleum product).

9.  95% of our merchandise is never painted or stained because of potential toxins in those materials.

10.  We are committed to donating a portion of our sales to organizations including, but not limited to, The National Forest Association, 1% For the Planet