For the baseball buff, the football fanatic, and the all around athletics admirer. Introducing the new Hopsuator Twist. The world's first insulated, stainless steel cooler for 16oz ALUMINUM bottles.

Why we don't use vinyl:
1. It fades and peels over time.
2. It creates a HUGE amount of waste. For every inch of vinyl that goes on a tumbler, at least two inches is waste (material left over after name is taken out). The full sheet of backing is also waste as is the transfer sheet used to put the name or design on the cup. NONE OF IT IS RECYCLABLE.

Engraving is permanent and there is absolutely no waste to end up in the landfills and oceans. The only color option is shiny silver because it engraves through the outer coating to expose the stainless beneath but we think it's a great trade-off to not use colored vinyl and create so much environmentally UNFRIENDLY waste.

***Please leave initials for monograms or name and font selections in the message box at checkout. Initials should be left in monogram order (first, LAST, middle).***

Designs are NOT limited to those shown. You can send us virtually any design and we can make it work.