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    Laser Life Outdoors is proud to announce the beginning of the Earnest Lee Rowell Memorial Scholarship Fund. Born on June 26, 1968, Lee was truly one of a kind.  He loved his family, hunting, fishing, ANY kind of animal and being outdoors. 

    At the age of 11, he developed Hydrocephalus and over the course of his young life, he underwent 17 brain surgeries, a knee replacement, two hip replacements and a kidney transplant.  When his transplanted kidney failed, he fought hard for life - never giving up and never complaining about anything.  During the last years of his life, he was unable to do anything that he enjoyed but he never stopped fighting. 

     Unfortunately, on March 18, 2016, we lost him.  The best man to ever live (in my eyes) left this earth to be with God and our Daddy in Heaven but he is with us every day in our hearts.  This Scholarship Fund is being created in his memory.

    This scholarship will be awarded on June 26th of each year beginning in 2020.  The scholarship will be a minimum of $2000 with a percentage of sales being added to that during the year.  The Scholarship will be available to those students going into a College with a major in one of the following disciplines:

    1.  Game and Fish Management

    2.  Animal Sciences

    3.  Agriculture Management

    4.  Veterinarian Studies

    Other disciplines will be considered as long as they relate to nature and/or the outdoors.

    To apply, you must meet the following qualifications:

    1.  You must be an entering or attending an accredited college (or technical school) with a major in one of the above disciplines.

    2.  You must submit an essay (or letter) stating why you enjoy the outdoors and what you plan to do with your education as well as the name of the college at which you have been accepted.  This essay (or letter) must be HAND WRITTEN!  No exceptions.  It can be scanned and emailed but it must be hand written on lined paper and it must be written in cursive.  Grammar and spelling will be judged.

    3.  You must submit a copy of your high school transcript and at least one recommendation from a former teacher.

    All submissions can be emailed to at any time during the year.  They will be reviewed by several family members and maintained with other applications. The recipient will be chosen and announced on June 26th of each year (Lee's Birthday).