Personalized Cabin In the Woods


Ever wanted your very own cabin in the woods?  Here you go!  These can be personalized with anything you want engraved on the front of the cabin!

They are 100% MADE IN THE USA using only materials sourced from other family owned businesses that use only 100% MADE IN THE USA supplies.

We DO NOT USE PLYWOOD or HOBBY WOOD!  These are 100% hardwood.  Each piece is 3/8 inch thick.   Once assembled, they measure 6.7" x 5.6" x 2.5"

Your choice of maple, cherry, walnut or aromatic cedar (smells so good!)  See pictures for wood choices.  These cabins ship unassembled but click together easily.  You can even paint them if you want before assembling.  NOTE:  If you choose to pain them, please do so prior to assembly because once they are together, they are together.  

Due to the nature of wood, no two items will be the same.  The grains and knots (if there are any) vary with each piece of wood.  

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